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Feng Shui Items

Composed of the Chinese words for wind and water, feng Shui (pronounced 'fung shway') is the ancient Chinese art of recognizing and utilizing the relationship between one's harmony, health, prosperity and the physical layout of dwellings and buildings. Feng shui is based on the premise that Ch'i, the universal life principle upon which we and all things depend for existence, flows according to certain rules and patterns.


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese belief stating the powers of both the Heaven and Earth can be combined to improve our lives. Today, Feng shui is practiced with the use of Feng shui coins, Feng shui crystals, Feng shui statues and other Feng shui items to guide the universe in attracting positive energy into our lives and repel the negative. There are many things in the world that are far beyond our mental capability. The powers of the universe are far greater than anything we can ever imagine. Taking advantage of these powers to guide us through life, can make us happy, healthy and content with our existence.