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Incense Burners & Charcoal

Whether you’re an incense powder junkie, someone who occasionally uses camphor or a person who enjoys the art of money drawing or love drawing, then an incense burner is a must in your home. Incense burners provide a safe and concentrated place to burn incense, make a mixture for a spell or to light oils for the purpose of a ritual or for its lovely scent. Incense burners come in different forms and are for their own unique purposes. For example, much like their name suggests oil burners are great for burning camphor oil or any other essential oil; stick incenses, cone incenses and powder incenses all have a burner specific for them. If incenses or oils are what you’re in the market for, then don’t forget to add one or two of these beautiful incense burners and some Swift Lite charcoal or Holland charcoal to your list of things to get. 

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