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Money Drawing

You have stocked your shelves, marketed your business, brushed up on your customer service skills, and are patiently waiting for business. What’s missing? Sometimes doing everything right and making all the right choices is still not enough. What you need may be the influence of attracting the energy for wealth, money and overall good business. In short, you need money spells that work. We have a variety of choices to fit your needs. We have 14 day candles, 7 day candles, incense powders, incense sticks, crystals, oils, jewels, herbs, soaps, sprays, perfumes and many more. Jewels, crystals and similar items are a great way to balance the overall energy of money, while fourteen or seven day candles and the like are a good fit for a temporary mend. Pick the one that best fits you and watch your wealth grow.

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