Wiccan Supplies: Incense Sticks, Votive Candles, Feng Shui Items & More

Whether you are an individual with a deep rooted spiritual passion, someone who can't face the day without an uninterrupted episode of reflection or one who just can't resist the nostalgic scent of incense sticks, then go no further. You aim for higher spiritual enlightenment, and we will help you create the ambiance. A home is never complete without Feng shui items, or a person complete without an amulet and talisman, and no prayer is ever complete without a votive candle. We carry a wide range of supplies ideal for any ceremony or ritual. Our Wicca shop not only carries Wiccan supplies but many other witchcraft supplies as well. Whatever your religious beliefs or customs, we carry everything you need; from votive candles to Pagan supplies. We are your one-stop-shop. Take your time to indulge your senses in the vast variety of items we carry to fit all your spiritual and earthly needs.


Walking into a room, the sweet smelling aroma of a candle can surely make you want to take a deep breath and draw in the intoxicating scent. The visual stimulation of the flickering light reflecting on the wall of a dark room, or the beautiful assortments and colors of these wax variants make any room more pleasing to the eyes. A candle is so versatile, not only can it awaken your olfactory and visual senses, but it also can set the mood for a romantic night with a significant other, or to signify the loss of a loved one. No matter what the your reason is to light a candle, it will never fail to amaze you with each drip of wax.


Sometimes we tend to use the word “luck” to mean something of a good fortune of which we had no control over. Is there really such a thing as luck? The answer may be very different depending on who you ask. Having “good luck” may be as simple as positioning the items in your living space to gravitate the good and expel the bad energy. Clearing out negative energy and replacing it with positive energy is no easy task. The goal is to create an atmosphere pleasing to good energy, a place where good energy is drawn to and wants to settle in. We can clear our homes of clutter and position our furniture where it's attractive to positive energy, but sometimes we need the extra help to mend the glitches of the Feng shui in our homes, offices, cars or wherever we spend time.


In ancient times incense is used to create an atmosphere for religious rituals, meditation and sometimes just to cover up bad odors. The use of this compound remains the same to this day, incense is still a part of most widely recognized religions. The scent of incense instantly creates a relaxing atmosphere, where one's thoughts and feelings are easily transported to the surface. As the flames of a freshly lit match touch the tip of the incense, the room is quickly filled with the smell of the tiny cloud of smoke as it burns through the aromatic material. Whether you are in need of some solo spiritual reflection or are creating some time with loved ones to reminisce, your home is never complete without incense.