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Seal Sets 

seal set solomon pentacles

Item#: 74107

44 Pentacles on 8 1/2" x 11" (7 sheets) parchment paper with velveteen bag. Power Prayers also included.

Each sheet can be kept as is or framed for hanging or displaying in the home. You can also cut the seals to carry them individually as you wish for specific purposes.  The Seven Pentacles of the Sun, The Seven Pentacles of Jupiter, The Five Pentacles of Venus, The Seven Pentacles of Saturn, The Five Pentacles of Mercury, The Seven Pentacles of Mars and The Six Pentacles of the Moon.

It has been written that "wherever you go, providing that you have the seals with you, you will be completely secure for you whole life."  These are the Holy Pentacles, made for the purpose of invoking the spirits which will obey the commands and grant the desires of the possessor of the talisman which is designed and consecrated to the angels which rule the various planets.  A talismanic seal claimed to be a magical figure charged with the force which it is intended to represent and as such it allegedly can perform strange and supernatural feats, which cannot be accomplished by the petitioner alone.  Since the various planets rule in certain and specific matters, the set of forty-four seals have been divided into the seven planetary divisions.  They are printed in the appropriate planetary colors on heavy parchment like paper.  Each seal's particular virtue and function is described on its sheet.  No magical or supernatural claims are made for these talismans.