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Palm Oil Candles 
Road Opener 7 Colors Candle - Esoteric Palm Oil Wax

road opener 7 colors candle - esoteric palm oil wax

Item#: 0078-755

 Quality Palm Oil Wax

Prepared Esoteric Scented Candle

Prayer inside candle

Thick Glass Candle Enclosure

Use to open roadsTo success, prosperity, and luck

Candle will burn up to 100 hours. It's dimensions are 2 1/2 wide and 8 1/8 tall. Burn Double Good Luck green/yellow palm oil candle to get rid off any obstacle blocking your way to success, fortune and prosperity.

Brand Indio Products
SKU 0078-755
Candle Ingredients An Indio Products distinctive combination of pre-blended waxes, fragrances and other special seasonings.
Candle Type Label, Palm Oil, 7-Day, 2-Color, Reversible Candle, Glass Candle
Manufacturer Indio Products
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Part Number MPN0078-755
Dimension Length 2.5000
Dimension Width 2.5000
Dimension Height 8.2500