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genuine horseshoe painted green

Item#: 75296

4 1/2" Green Horseshoe ready to hang, complete with nails.  Give yourself or someone special the gift of luck.  Since the beginning of time the Horseshoe has always been a symbol of "Good Luck."  Long regarded as a good luck piece, horseshoes are often placed over the entrance to the home or place of business.  The horseshoe should be attached with the two ends upward to hold in the luck. Attracts prosperity, prevent disease and dispel evil influences.

  • Find one beneath a bush or tree, thirty days of good luck there will be.
  • Spit on one and wish for gold, rewards may appear in amounts untold.
  • Keep it in a small red sack, you'll be protected from all attacks.
  • Place it beneath one's bed at night, sweet dreams, come fore dawn's first light.
  • Tie to the branch of a flowering tree, and unexpected good fortune come to thee.
  • Hung in the home over the entrance way, invites peace and serenity every day.
  • A horseshoe beneath one's head attracts waves of love to the bed.
  • Keep your horseshoe near to thee and you'll be happy for eternity!