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14 Day Glass Candles 
Do As I Say Orange/Purple Candle - Silkscreen 2 Color 14 Day

do as i say orange/purple candle - silkscreen 2 color 14 day

Item#: 566-162

 Quality Wax

Made with love by Indio Products

Silkscreen Design

Thick glass candle enclosure

Use to control a stituation or person

Candle will burn approximately 240 hours. It's dimensions are 9" Tall and 4" Wide. Burn Do As I Say orange/purple candle to have control and power over any situation and have your word be as you say.

Brand Indio Products
UPC 795434561622
SKU 566-162
Candle Type Silkscreen, 2 Colors, 14-Day, Glass Candle
Two Color Candle Orange, Purple
Manufacturer Indio Products
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Part Number MPN566-162
Dimension Length 4.0000
Dimension Width 4.0000
Dimension Height 9.0000