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camphor tablets

Item#: 645P

1 oz. (28.3g) Deer Camphor 100% Pure

  • Keep away from Children- Lethal if swallowed-
  • Do not Burn- Very Flammable Do not use in steam rooms or saunas

Most people use Camphor as an old form of congestion remedy.


Camphor blocks have been used for their natural therapeutic properties for years, and for many have even become a symbol of their grandmother's old fashioned remedies.

Camphor has many faithful followers and they swear blind by its wonderful healing powers. One should always keep some to hand, for a whole range of purposes.

Camphor originally comes from a tree native to Japan and China and is one of the main ingredients in Tiger Balm. If you have ever used Tiger Balm, you'll know how potent and pungent Camphor can be! 

Another way to clear the chest is to wrap Camphor in a pillow case, a stocking or in muslin and place in the bed beneath the sheets. Again, making sure that the Camphor block is wrapped up to avoid direct contact with the skin.
It can also be used to great effect to ease aches and pains in the joints. Many athletes have used Camphor for just this purpose, making use of its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Because of its strong and pungent aroma, it can also be used for getting rid of musty or damp smells. It is often hung in wardrobes to keep clothes fresh.
Camphor is used to keep silverware away from tarnish, moths preventives, tools rust preventives, possums removal, insect repellent, clothes or books ,pain relief, prophecy in dreams, purification, physical energy.

1 Block (4 Tablets)
Item# 645
16 Blocks (64 Tablets)
Item# 645A