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Aloe Vera Green Candle - Silkscreen 1 Color 14 Day

aloe vera green candle - silkscreen 1 color 14 day

Item#: 565-879

 Quality Wax

Made with love by Indio Products

Silkscreen Design

Thick glass candle enclosure

Use for cleansing

Candle will burn approximately 240 hours. It's dimensions are 9" Tall and 4" Wide. Burn Aloe Vera green candle for cleansing yourself and your house.

Brand N/A
UPC 765434568792
SKU 565-879
Candle Ingredients N/A
Candle Type Silkscreen, 1 Color, 14-Day, Glass Candle
Single Candle Color N/A
Manufacturer Indio Products
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Part Number MPN565-879
Dimension Length 4.0000
Dimension Width 4.0000
Dimension Height 9.0000