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Pullout 7 Day Candles 
Pullout 7 Day Candle Glass

8 1/8 inch clear glass for pullout 7 day candles

Item#: 248-915

8 1/8" tall x 2 1/4" wide (20.6cm x 5.70cm), 7 day empty glass for 1 color pullout candles, candle not included.

The clear cylindrical glass candle holder is ideal for 7 day candles without a container. The pullout 7 day candles fit in the empty class perfectly. It also provides for a place for the candle to burn without having to worry about any candle drips. If you have a pullout candle, then do not think to use it without this clear glass container. It is a simple way to transform a simple candle into an elegant centerpiece. It softens the glow of the pullout candle and provides for an excellent decoration of any kind.