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7 Day Candles Screened 1 Color 

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7 day religious candle intranquil spirit - pink

Item#: 575-394


Candle will burn about 120hrs, 2 1/2" wide and 8 1/8" tall. Burn this 7 day Intranquil Spirit religious candle to coerce your lover to return to you.


"Oh Intranquil Spirit, you that in hell are wondering and will never reach heaven, hear me hear me. I want you to get the five senses of … and you should not let him rest in peace, either seated, standing or sleeping. That he should find himself as desperate as the waters of the sea, that he should run and run until he humbly falls at my feet because nobody would help him. Neither a divorcee or a married woman or a widow should love him … I conjure you before this cross and God, that you are to run after me as the living after the cross and the dead after the light. Amen."