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7 Day Eternalux Religious Glass Candles  
Religious Saint Alex 7 Day Candle

eternalux religious 7 day candle st. alex - pink

Item#: 5585-785

  • Candle will burn about 120hrs
  • 2 1/2" wide and 8 1/8" tall

7 Day Pink Saint Alex Religious Candle.  Burn St. Alex candle to keep enemies away and get rid of someone unwanted.

Prayer to St Alex

Oh! Glorious Saint Alex, you that have the power to remove the evil that surrounds the chosen people of the Lord, take my enemies away from me. Take me away from Satan and sin. Withdraw me from the liar and the witch. Take away the ones that want to hurt me. Take me close to the Lord so that I may be covered with His divine grace under the shadow of the Holy Spirit.(concentrate on you desires.) Amen