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Bubble Bath 

bubble bath dragon's blood uncrossing

Item#: 287

16 fl. oz. (472ml) Plastic Bottle
Dragons Blood Bubble Bath is used to destroy evil and kill all jinxes. Pour 1/4 bottle in your bath and bathe daily for 7 days or until your luck begins to change.

smells wonderful lovely to add to cleansing collection!!!!

Stephanie Patterson writes:
I absolutely LOVE this product!! I just started using this product in my bath along with Anna Riva's High John (Root in oil) oil.. Lately I have been experiencing harrassment on my job from my supervisor and her flunky and when I started bathing with these products, I have already notice a big difference...

indian spirit writes:
This is my seond review of this product. Yes it is on the watery side. I use this as a shower gel on a daily basis and before using any ritual. This stuff really gets rid of any unwanted negative energy so that your ritual will bring results faster and be successful.

Talia Felix writes:
I was initially a bit disappointed when I first received this, as the consistency is less what I'd expect of soap than I would of soup. Being so heavily thinned, I could see it wasn't as good a bargain as I was accustomed to getting from this company. However, while it may not be cheap, it's not a...

indian spirit writes:
This product really does a excellent job. I used this for one week and noticed a change at work immediately. My job consists of accounts receivable and there were several account past due. People who never returned calls or emails were suddenly getting in contact with me and telling me they would get...

jessica little writes:
This works great to release negative energy. I gave some to my aunt who has a scale skin disorder and she swears by it. It helped with negative energy and is the 1st product in 50 years of looking to help her skin. I Love this product and recommend it to anyone.

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